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Requirements For Capsize and Immersion Drills

Clothing required:

Swimming Costume
Tracksuit Bottoms
Sweat Shirt


1. Demonstrate the ability to "Tread water" for 2 minutes.

2. Demonstrate the ability to swim 100 meters (half at least on the back "life-saving style") wearing swimming costume, leggings and a "T" shirt

3. Be shown the procedure of capsizing a sculling boat, firstly without the blades in situ and then with the blades in situ. (This process is to demonstrate to the athlete how easy it is to capsize a boat without blades in situ and thereafter how almost impossible it is to capsize with blades in situ so long as a basic set of rules is adhered to!

4. Be shown the procedure required, after a capsize, to swim on back, with the boat.

5. Be shown the procedure called "Buddy Rescue" where another person in a sculling boat can help an athlete in the water back to safety

6. Demonstrate the ability to remove Track Suit bottoms and trainers whilst in the water. This is done under separate supervision in the diving area. NB the trainers should be entirely free from dirt.

Items 1 and 2 are MANDATORY.

Item 3 to 6 do not require a "pass" as such but are included in the process as an exercise in confidence building. The capsize drills are therefore not a test but the very first stage in the process of providing the athlete with the skill of being able to handle a single sculling boat.

Initially we require athletes to wear life jackets or buoyancy aids - either their own, or those provided by the club. It is a Club requirement for athletes to reach a specific skill level (BR skill level 3) to demonstrate their competence in each class of boat - crew scull or single - before they are allowed to scull without this assistance.